5nine Manager Datacenter 1.1 Release Notes

New Features

  • New license module
  • Ability to share resources between tenants
    • vSwitch and storage
  • Improved tenant users management
    • super admin can create the tenant users
  • Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) configuration
  • Configurable device boot order in the VM settings
  • Pause and resume cluster nodes
    • Drain roles using the default logic or desired node
  • Remote host installation through discovery
    • Add reboot host if required checkbox which is off by default 


  • Monitoring
    • Historical and monthly data display
  • VM state / status in console
  • Reduced traffic from console to management service
  • Create storage failures
  • Backup context menu tree list and scheduling dialog
  • Remote desktop credentials for console
  • Cloning VMs
    • Progress and failures
  • Remove https:// from login dialog
  • Resource and user management inconsistencies
  • Guest console tenants issue
  • Import virtual machine failure
  • Remove tenant that have hosts in resources
  • Dialog appears twice when tenant removed
  • Create user button for tenants
  • Backup change job name and description
  • Adding users to incorrect group
  • VM group actions
  • Stop agent fixes
  • Guest console preventing connections from different subnets
  • Management agent setup for RabitMQ password
  • Remove VMs including files
  • Deleting Cluster
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