5nine Manager Datacenter 1.5 Release Notes

New Features

  • Resource library for VHD(x) ISO and VM templates
    • All datastore types: Storage for VHD(x), VM settings and for backup files, library for ISO and VM templates
  • Create template from VM
  • Create VM from template
  • Cluster Settings: Live migration network selection
  • Monitoring: Datacenter summary info
  • Monitoring: Host summary info
  • Monitoring: Cluster summary info
  • Monitoring: Cluster and CSV related performance counters
  • Monitoring: Change monitoring alert settings
    • Ability to specify the range of values (from - to) for warning and critical thresholds
  • Quick upgrade for host agents
    • If a host has an outdated version of the host agent showing in the tree, that particular host or all the hosts with outdated version can be easily upgraded to the current version of the host agent


  • Monitoring: Data collection
  • Logs & Support Information: more information in the logs for better troubleshooting
  • Fix backup VSS loading error
  • Fix cluster backup if selected VMs are on several different nodes in one job
  • Fix issue with RDG import certificate
  • Fix issue with user permissions
    • Dedicated user permissions
    • Inherited from group permissions 
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