5nine Manager Datacenter version 2.0 adds new features around optimization and proactive monitoring of your Hyper-V environment

5nine Manager Datacenter v2.0 provides the following new features and enhancements:

Logical View Grouping

This feature allows administrators to combine multiple related resources into a single, logical tree through categorization and grouping. This new, customizable view has been added to the existing infrastructure view within the Hyper-V Management console. A workload administrator, for example, can create a view of all relevant application VMs. Resource views can also be created to align with existing regional or functional administrative models.

The Bottom Line: Logical view grouping allows administrators to more effectively manage, monitor and optimize operations by providing fast, easy access to relevant resources. It decreases the time and effort needed to sort through and find a resource or group of resources while maintaining strict role-based access controls.  

Logical View


Infrastructure View


Storage File Explorer

5nine Manager Datacenter provides access to VM, SIO, Template Library and Backup storage via the Datastore. Storage file explorer provides the ability to remotely create, delete, rename, copy, cut and paste actions with the storage objects.

The Bottom Line: This new feature allows administrators to manage a file system as if it were local, even when it is remote in a CSV or SMB share. This reduces repetitive work associated with file management and eliminates the need to remotely connect to other systems to manage storage objects.



This release allows administrators to receive email alerts when virtualization related events occur in their environment. These notifications can be configured to include any number of events from the following Microsoft event logs:

  • Microsoft Windows Failover Clustering
  • Microsoft Windows Hyper-V High Availability
  • Microsoft Windows Hyper-V Integration
  • Microsoft Windows Hyper-V SynthNic
  • Microsoft Windows Hyper-V VMMS
  • Microsoft Windows Hyper-V Worker
  • Microsoft Windows Security Auditing

The Bottom Line: Reliable, proactive monitoring is critical for large organizations. Customizable, real-time email alerts allow administrators to quickly discover potential issues, such as errors and warnings, before they impact operations.


Replication Enhancements

Hyper-V VM replication is vital for organizations that need to keep their virtual machines functioning in the event of a site failure. 5nine Manager Datacenter v2.0 introduces a number of new replication features and improvements. This includes new tabs for managing replication settings and a status window with details about replication health.

This release also allows administrators to perform replication failover testing to ensure that everything will work as expected in the event of a disaster.


The Bottom Line: These improvements provide additional insight into the current replication status of your VMs, such as mode, state and health, and help ensure that the recovery points are functioning properly without interrupting ongoing replication or your production workload. 5nine’s replication and recovery capabilities help you maintain high availability and performance while mitigating the risk of downtime and data loss.

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