5nine Manager Datacenter version 2.0 Release Notes

New Features

  • Logical View Grouping
  • Storage File Explorer
  • Upload/download files to/from storage (by BITS)
  • Add objects to tenant improvements: AD domain, host name, IP columns to a sortable list
  • Monitoring: alerts based on system event log entries
  • Replication management (extended replica will be available in v3.0)
  • Added ability to set category groups for hosts and clusters via settings
  • Added Quick Action: set categories for a list of VMs (available to admins)
  • Backup usability improvements
  • Improved/Enhanced support information logs with the list of jobs and the license information


  • Fix Import/Clone VM 
  • UI tweaks for logical view handling
  • Replication fixes
  • RabbitMQ configuration fixes
  • Multiple fixes for tenant/roles/users/user groups permissions handling
  • Fixed network and disk usage on host's monitoring dashboards
  • Fixed accidental tree collapse within the backup tab
  • Backup improvements (status handling and extended logging)
  • Fixes for the categories administration
  • Fix for the VM's settings wizard (firmware issue)
  • Automatic cleanup of ghost records from db
  • Fixed cluster disks display (now removed from the node level, cluster disks available only on cluster dashboard summary)



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