Manager Datacenter - What's New Version 2.2

5nine Manager Datacenter version 2.2 adds new features and enhancements for Active Directory (AD) Integration, dynamic optimization, SDN deployments and file level restores 


5nine Manager Datacenter v2.2 provides the following new features and enhancements: 


Active Directory Integration Enhancements 
Summary: You can now use the AD browse dialog box within 5nine Manager Datacenter. You can also now create domain user groups that are mapped to your Active Directory instance for more effective permission management.  




Description: 5nine Manager Datacenter automatically searches your Active Directory for hosts and clusters, which simplifies initial configuration and gets you up and running sooner. This release builds upon this feature by providing the following AD integration enhancements:  

Active Directory browse dialog box for users and groups 

Administrators can now use the browse dialog box to add Windows user credentials instead of having to manually enter each user name.  


User groups mapped to Active Directory 

Administrators can now use a new type of user group known as domain user group. This new type of group automatically syncs its user list, along with pre-configured permissions, with the corresponding AD group. This means that as soon as a new user is added to the AD domain user group they are automatically assigned the corresponding set of permissions in 5nine Manager Datacenter. 


SDN Deployment - Basic Virtual Network Controller Support 


Summary: 5nine Manager Datacenter now provides full support for SDN deployments via our intuitive UI.  


Requires: Windows Server 2016 Datacenter edition for Hyper-V hosts and virtual machines that run SDN infrastructure servers, such as Network Controller and Software Load Balancing nodes, or Windows Server 2016 Standard edition for Hyper-V hosts that contain only tenant workload VMs that are connected to SDN-controlled networks. This is required for both SDN management and SDN deployment via the 5nine Manager Datacenter GUI.  


Description: 5nine Manager Datacenter allows you to more easily work with SDN objects and various Network Controller, management and Microsoft APIs. This release builds on our SDN management capabilities by providing full support for SDN deployments through the same management GUI.  Administrators can now enter major SDN parameters and use special SDN deployment scripts to deploy their infrastructure. 


This release also allows administrators to perform the following operations on SDN objects: 

  • Create, read, update, and delete logical networks, virtual networks, network interfaces, virtual switches, servers, and NC credentials. 
  • Read load balancers and MAC address pools.  

File Level Restore 


Summary: You can now download and restore specific content from your Hyper-V VM backups in addition to specifying which virtual machines to restore, how they are restored, and where they are restored. 




Description: Administrators can now view, access, download and restore individual files stored within a virtual machine backup. They can then specify how, when and where to restore the file according to the usual backup and restore process for virtual machines. 


This feature eliminates the cumbersome practice of restoring previous versions of virtual machines to alternate locations (and having to manually transfer over the files in question to the original virtual machine) or rolling back virtual machines to previous versions (which may overwrite the existing virtual machine). 


Dynamic Optimization Enhancements 


Summary: 5nine Manager Datacenter now provides dynamic optimization functionality for Hyper-V hosts with shared storage. 


Description: 5nine Manager 2.1 allowed administrators to perform dynamic optimization on cluster groups. This release provides dynamic optimization functionality for Hyper-V hosts with shared storage. By automatically migrating VMs between hosts with shared storage, server performance can be balanced in accordance with predefined resource thresholds such as CPU total run time and memory used.  


5nine Manager Datacenter now supports two different types of groups for dynamic optimization: 


  • Cluster groups to balance load between cluster nodes 
  • Shared storage groups to balance load between hosts with shared storage 


Message Broker Service Update 


Description: This release updates the multi-protocol open source message broker and Erlang components used in 5nine Manager Datacenter to the latest 3.7.4 version.  


Backup Wizard Enhancements 


Description: This release introduces the following new backup wizard features and enhancements:  


  • Administrators can now create backup jobs for a group of objects 
  • Users can no longer edit backup jobs that were created by administrators 
  • Backup wizard language has been reworded and validated 


UX/ UI Improvements 


Description: This release introduces the following user experience and user interface enhancements: 


  • Monitoring alert settings: Resource-based and event-based monitoring alerts are now combined into a single, easy-to-use wizard 
  • Management service: Administrators can now view all previous settings, including passwords, in the management service console 
  • Wizard upgrades: All wizards now include relevant, detailed descriptions of objects, such as categories or credentials 
  • Logical view: The logical view tab in the object tree can now only be viewed by 5nine Manager Datacenter administrators with the proper permissions 
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