Manager Datacenter Version 2.2.18155.1

5nine Manager Datacenter Edition Version 2.2 Build 18155.1 Last Updated 6/7/2018

Latest Improvements & Fixes

Installations and update Issues
➢ "Use SSL" checkbox should be checked by default in the management installer
➢ Automatic upgrading of console
➢ After upgrade, agent CBT settings changed to "auto"
➢ Manual agent setup – remove default values from RabbitMQ page
➢ Fix of agent deployment if TrustedHosts modifications is denied in group policy

➢ Management installed on workgroup machine crashes
➢ Connect using guest console works unstable
➢ Fix management service memory leak (if big number of AD objects)
➢ Fix using FQDN names for Add Servers discovery and agent’s deployment
➢ Fixes to email notifications for Global Admin
➢ Tweak to allow wait time on rabbitMq service started before run configuration script in setup
➢ Misc. Discovery fixes

VM Operations
➢ Create, Move and Import VHD wizards can be finished with mandatory fields not filled in
➢ Clone or Import VM doesn't work on Windows Server 2012R2 Hyper-V
➢ Convert action of edited VHD works incorrectly
➢ VM configuration folders aren't removed after a VM is moved
➢ Virtual Switches tab should be selected as a default object (Datacenter)
➢ Category settings is removed after changing host settings
➢ VM Settings - Error appears on "Disk configuration tab"
➢ Attached ISO doesn't show in VM settings on 2012R2 server
➢ User can't attach two IOS images to a 1-gen VM
➢ Incorrect behavior observed when creating a VM from a template
➢ Incorrect behavior of Remove tenant wizard
➢ Incorrect behavior of Tenants tab after removing a Tenant
➢ Incorrect behavior of storage control observed in the Move VM wizard
➢ Incorrect behavior of Edit VHD observed in the "Edit VM" wizard
➢ Incorrect behavior of summary tab observed for clustered VMs in Off-Critical state
➢ Change VHD to physical drive disc for a that VM doesn't work
➢ Job isn't created for a deleted archive when the corresponding host doesn't exist
➢ Configure Alerts - The password is not hidden
➢ Fix create new CSV datastore
➢ Fix accessing CSV datastore after upgrade
➢ Fix creating CSV datastore if agent is down/stopped on node
➢ Fix create VM from Template after upgrade
➢ Fix change VHD path under tenant
➢ Misc. VMCRUD bug fixes

➢ About box: Show licensing control only for global admins
➢ Active Directory Group - Available button "Add User"
➢ AD button doesn't exist in the "Configure RD Gateway Server" window
➢ Active Directory Group - Users - Available button "Remove User"
➢ AD button doesn't exist in the "Guest Options" tab of the "Create VM" wizard
➢ Remove AD Group not working correctly
➢ "Add Existing User" button doesn't work for Create User Group wizard
➢ "Add Role" window doesn't exist for validation of mandatory fields
➢ "Remove" button doesn't work for primary server in the replication tab of the Host settings wizard
➢ Update groups job displayed an incorrect status
➢ Empty summary tab in the Create User Group wizard
➢ Create VM wizard - "Start the virtual machine after creation" checkbox is selected by default
➢ Create new folder action not working if storage explorer is in wizard
➢ Add user in tenant wizard - validation mark is displaying improperly
➢ Incorrect behavior of message about not having the full version of 5nine
➢ Incorrect behavior displaying preview VM image
➢ VM is not included in category and group after being creating
➢ Backup wizard issue occurs when no encryption is selected
➢ Backup Jobs window isn't limited for changing the size of a window
➢ Restore - Wizard title is not changed when the user switches tabs
➢ Cluster info in monitoring tab is not displayed
➢ Fix display live Migration networks
➢ Fix display CSV dashboard statistics
➢ Fix browse path while creating csv datastore if multiple volumes
➢ Fix displaying manual replication mode for VM
➢ Fix name of New-Vm cmdlet in job details
➢ Support large screens (console dpi aware)
➢ Misc. Typos Fixes
➢ Misc. UI\UX Bugs

Backups, Restores, Checkpoint and Replication Operations
➢ "Restore" window in backup tab isn't limited when changing the size of the window
➢ Incorrect behavior observed when updating checkpoint tree
➢ Checkpoints tab doesn't refresh
➢ Fix for sporadic not appearing of VM after restore
➢ CBT folder isn't removed after removing a backup
➢ Delete backup template doesn't work when corresponding host doesn't exist in the console
➢ Remove Template (related to backup) strings from everywhere in UI
➢ Backup template displayed for multiple virtual machines
➢ "Retention to Azure" checkbox is available to the user when the user does not backup to Azure
➢ Misc. Fixes backup scheduler & azure page under DPI scale
➢ Backup for group - There should be a SMB storage specified in the "Select storage" tab
➢ Edit CBT settings - Increase dialogue window size and insert default paddings
➢ File Level Restore - It's necessary to validate the "Decryption key" field after clicking the "Next" button
➢ File Level Restore - After clicking the finish button the restore job is started and the VM is restored
➢ Fix restore virtual machine to alternate location
➢ Fix CBT incremental backups
➢ Fix simultaneous multi-node CSV backup interruptions
➢ Added retry operations for backup from USB storage in case of Device not ready exception
➢ Fix for VSS if restored files are left in use
➢ Fix removing temporary restore files (doubled files)
➢ Fix updating job details
➢ Misc. Bug Fixes

➢ Active Directory group - User does not appear in MDC after being added in the Windows tool
➢ Administration - After deleting a user, the user does not disappear from the assigned user group
➢ PS cmdlets enter-session error
➢ Set default global rules doesn't work
➢ Incorrect status of job observed after "Set Credentials"
➢ Fix creating AD User for multiple trusted domains
➢ Fix enumerating large number of AD groups
➢ Misc. Bug Fixes

Database Operations
➢ Fix for if database log is too large in some large environments

Network Operations
➢ Fix list of network adapters in monitoring (now displayed only those which are in Network Interfaces counter)
➢ isatap adapters removed from network performance instances

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